Agendas and Minutes

Date of Meeting Agenda Background Documents Minutes
25th January 2021 Agenda    
11th January 2021 Agenda
14th December 2020 Agenda Minutes
9th November 2020 Agenda See 2020 section below  


26th October 2020 Agenda See 2020 section below Minutes
12th October 2020 Agenda See 2020 section below Minutes
14th September 2020 Agenda Minutes
7th September 2020 Agenda
24th August 2020 Agenda Minutes
10th August 2020 Agenda Minutes
13th July 2020 Agenda Minutes
8th June 2020 Agenda Minutes
11th May 2020 Agenda Minutes
20th April 2020 Agenda Chairpersons Annual Report 2020 Minutes
9th March 2020 Agenda Minutes
10th February 2020 Agenda Minutes
27th January 2020 Agenda Minutes
13th January 2020 Agenda Minutes
9th December 2019 Agenda Minutes
25th November 2019 Agenda Minutes
11th November 2019 Agenda Minutes
14th October 2019 Agenda Minutes
9th September 2019 Agenda Minutes
5th August 2019 Agenda Minutes
8th July 2019 Agenda Minutes
24th June 2019  Agenda Minutes
10th June 2019 Agenda Minutes
13th May 2019 Agenda Minutes
23rd April 2019 Annual Parish  Agenda  Chairman’s Annual Report 2019 2018 Minutes
8th April 2019  Agenda  Minutes
11th March 2019  Agenda  Minutes
11th February 2019  Agenda  Minutes
14th January 2019  Agenda  Minutes
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Previous Agendas and Minutes

All Agendas and Minutes of the main council are available in the table below, they are sorted by date of the meeting, latest at the top. The files are in Adobe PDF format and so Adobe Reader will be required to view them.  The years since 2013 are available online.

2021 Documents

2020 Documents

2019 Documents

2018 Documents

2017 Documents

2016 Documents

2015 Documents

2014 Documents