Main Council Agendas and Minutes

The following table lists the agendas and minutes (initially Draft and then the approved) of the current council year.

NB Please see this page for the Agenda and Minutes for the Annual Parish Meeting (which isn’t a formal meeting of the Parish Council).

* Background papers are those documents provided to councillors in support of an item on the agenda.  The Minutes of the previous meeting(s) are not included as they are listed separately.   Under ‘The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014’ they (excluding information that is in the opinion of the proper officer confidential or exempt) as  must be available as soon as reasonably practicable for inspection at the offices of the council and also published on the web site.

Agendas and Minutes

All Agendas and Minutes of the main council are available in the tables below, they are sorted by date of the meeting, latest at the top. The files are in Adobe PDF format and so Adobe Reader will be required to view them.  The years since 2014 are available online.

2023 Documents

2022 Documents

2021 Documents

2020 Documents

2019 Documents

2018 Documents

2017 Documents

2016 Documents

2015 Documents

2014 Documents