Local Police & Crime Prevention

Wiltshire & Swindon Police and Crime Commissioner

They have own web site which describes what they do and also provides reports on the performance of Police – see the ‘How I’m Doing’ menu option.

Wiltshire Community Messaging

You can also sign up for the Community Messaging Service.

Wiltshire Neighbourhood Watch (WNHW)

Their web site is here.

Wiltshire South Community Policing Team (CPT)

This team is part of the Salisbury Area CPT.  Information used to be on their page on the Wiltshire Police website which used to have their Latest News, details of Officers and an interactive Crime Map.  Their performance data is now only on the main Police.uk web site in the Wiltshire Police > Salisbury section which has a working Crime Map (typically two months late) and a Statistics section which gives a breakdown of incidents.

The Monthly CPT reports, typically presented to an Area Board, report on the performance two months previously; the October report contains data up to the end of August, the September report data to the end of July and so on.

For the latest news have a look at their Twitter feed