Amenities Committee

Chair:  Cllr Jane Brentor
Members:  Cllrs Cornell, Pearce and Watts.

Agendas and Minutes

Please note that minutes of a meeting are only published after approval at the subsequent meeting. Once approved the minutes are the formal record of the meeting – see Standing Orders in the Governance section.

Date of Meeting Agenda Briefing Papers Minutes
24th February 2019 Agenda
 23rd September 2019 Agenda
 22nd July 2019 Agenda Minutes
 28th May 2019 Agenda Minutes
18th March 2019 Agenda  Minutes
7th January 2019 Agenda  Minutes
17th September 2018 Agenda  Minutes
21st May 2018 Agenda  Minutes
19th March 2018 Agenda  Minutes
20th November 2017 Agenda  Minutes
18th September 2017 Agenda  Minutes
17th July 2017 Agenda  Minutes
22nd May 2017 Agenda  Minutes
30th January 2017 Agenda  Minutes
28th November 2016 Agenda  Minutes
26th September 2016 Agenda  Minutes
25th July 2016 Agenda  Minutes
23rd May 2016 Agenda  Minutes
18th January 2016 Agenda  Minutes
 30th June 2015 Agenda  Minutes
 5th February 2015 Agenda  Minutes


All Agendas and Minutes are available in the Table below, they are sorted by date of the meeting, latest at the top. The files are in Adobe PDF format and so Adobe Reader will be required to view them.

2018 Documents

2017 Documents

2016 Documents

2015 Documents